...with importing 1099's from Excel

So, you've got all of your 1099 information in Excel, and need an easy way to move it over into a software to process the forms. 1099 Express has you covered.
With 1099 Express, all you have to do is copy your Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the 1099 Express software. They use a method called "Copy/Paste from Excel by Header Name". Simply change your headers in Excel to match the corresponding headers in the 1099 Express spreadsheet; when you paste your Excel sheet in using this method, the 1099 software will automatically put the information into the correct columns.

Get Started
First off, you'll need to download the 1099 Express software. It's a free download, and you can "try before you buy". The free download is the full version of the software, you just don't have full e-File/printing capabilities until it has been paid for and activated. 1099 Express can handle ALL forms 1099, 1098, 5491, 3921, 3922, and W-2G. They have been an IRS Quality Supplier since 1996, and process thousands of forms every year.

Once you've got the software downloaded, double-click the 2012 1099 icon on your desktop to open it. Make the screen small enough to where you can see your Excel sheet and your 1099 Express spreadsheet in front of you.

Look at your column headers in Excel, then the 1099 Express column headers. All you need to do to prepare your Excel sheet is make sure that your headers match what 1099 Express has for that corresponding header. For example, if you have a column with the header "Social Security Number", change it to "SSN". Or, for "Address", change it to "Addr". Doing this will allow 1099 Express to know which column to put that information in. Your columns DO NOT have to be in the same order as the 1099 Express columns.

Next, make sure you have the correct form type selected on 1099 Express. You can either choose a form type from the tabs on the top of the screen, or choose from the drop-down "Select Form" menu on the toolbar. Your form type will be shown in red in the upper right-hand corner of 1099 Express.

Now, go back to your Excel worksheet. You'll need to click and drag to highlight ALL of the information in the spreadsheet, including the headers. Then, right-click anywhere in the highlighted area and choose "Copy". DO NOT right-click and choose "Select All" to copy your spreadsheet. This will cause it to copy a whole lot of blank rows at the bottom, and you'll end up with a ton of errors when you paste it.

Go back to 1099 Express. You can either right-click in the top-left box and choose "Paste from Excel by Header Name", or click Edit to get the same Option.

When you choose this option, it should bring all of your information from Excel in and populate the correct columns. If there are any errors (**please see below for explanation on "Less Than 7 Headers Found" error), 1099 Express will tell you how many there are and give you the option to see a list of these errors. I recommend clicking "List" and printing your error report. The error report will provide you with the line number the payee with errors is located on, so that you can easily go to and correct them. Simply double-click on the payee's name to bring up their data-entry form.

You'll notice that the data-entry form is a simulated 1099/1098 that you can type directly into. Make any necessary changes to your data this way.

Once you have all of your payee information pasted in, and corrected, you'll need to add your Company/Filer Information. Do this by either clicking "Filer" in the upper left-hand corner, or by choosing Options, then Filer (Company) Information.

Fill out the Filer Information completely, click Finish, then make sure to SAVE your file. You're now ready to print and/or e-File your returns!

**Less Than 7 Headers Found Error
1099 Express requires a minimum of 7 headers to be present when using this method to import your file. If you have less than 7 on your Excel sheet, simply add headers to blank columns until you've got 7. For example, if you don't have any account numbers in your Excel sheet, you can add "Acct" as the header on a blank column.

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